SCALA2 water booster pump from Grundfos

Inter-Island Solar Supply is proud to announce the new SCALA2 water booster pump from Grundfos. The SCALA2 will be replacing the MQ series booster pumps in August 2016.

The Grundfos SCALA2 booster pump delivers perfect water pressure to all taps while operating at whisper quiet decibel levels. It features the pump, motor, tank, sensor drive, and non-return valve all in one unit that installs quickly and easily. It incorporates integrated speed control enabling variable pump performance that tracks demand on a real time basis.

The SCALA2 also comes equipped with Grunfos’ patented Intelligent Pump Control. The Pump Control adjusts the pump’s performance to any demand, ensuring that the SCALA2 is a versatile and well-rounded booster pump.

The SCALA2 has one variant for all domestic applications. As always with Grundfos the SCALA2 is incredibly reliable and easy to operate, with a user-friendly control panel for quick set-up and self-priming mechanisms ensuring fool-proof installation.

Model Horse Power Voltage
SCALA2-115V 3/4 HP 115V
SCALA2-230V 3/4 HP 208-230V
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Utility Performance, Residential Application

Inter-Island Solar Supply is proud to partner with LG Chem to provide Hawaii the perfect Lithium-ion solution for your home. The RESU6.5 and RESU10 are the result of over 20 years of research into Lithium-ion technology. LG Chem has installed over 1.6GWh of energy storage products across the world and are well-suited to address the unique challenges facing the Hawaiian energy storage market.

  • Technical Superiority
    • Minimal dead space
    • High energy density
    • Long lasting sustainability
  • Safe Construction
    • Safety Reinforced Separator (SRS)
    • High mechanical and thermal stability
    • Nano-scale separator protection
  • Powerful Performance
    • Industry-leading continuous power
    • 95% round-trip efficiency
    • 80% capacity retention after 10 years

The RESU is compact, lightweight, and easy to install. This world-class battery is a proven performer that can safely operate under any electrical condition. Please feel free to inquire about the LG Chem RESU Series or stop by and see it for yourself.

Pre-orders available at special introductory pricing. Please contact Inter-Island Solar Supply for more details.

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The Future of Energy, Now

Inter-Island Solar Supply is proud to partner with Enphase Energy to provide Hawaii with an efficient and modular energy storage solution. The Enphase AC Battery is Enphase’s first-of-its-kind, integrated, simple to install, safe, and reliable energy storage product. By applying the same modular design that encompasses all of Enphase’s micro-inverter offerings, the Enphase AC Battery is the optimal choice for ease-of-install and signature plug-and-play operation.

  • Simple
    • One-person install
    • Plug and play installation
    • Interconnection via standard AC wiring
  • Safe
    • No high voltage DC
    • Safety tested and certified energy cells
    • Highly stable, long term energy storage
  • Reliable
    • Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry
    • Single source, 10-year, 7300 cycle warranty
    • Modular design

The modular architecture delivers a “right-sized” storage solution and is east to expand as a homeowner’s need change. Please feel free to inquire about the AC Battery or stop by and see it for yourself.

Pre-orders available at special introductory pricing. Please contact Inter-Island Solar Supply for more details.

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Don’t Be a Casualty of Black Friday Madness

Inter-Island Solar Supply has the cure.

This year, we’re extending Black Friday all the way to the end of the year. From now until December 31st bring in your leaking collectors, busted solar tanks, broken pumps, or malfunctioning tankless gas heaters and get a discount on a brand new replacement.

Collectors Replacement
R & R or MorningStar $50 off contractor pricing
Solar Tank
Ruud $50 off contractor pricing
AO Smith $50 off contractor pricing
Other Brands $50 off contractor pricing
Commercial Water Heater
Rheem $200 off contractor pricing
Bradford Commercial $200 off contactor pricing
Tankless Gas Heater
Rinnai $50 off contractor pricing
TACO $25 off a comparable Grundfos pump
Heliodyne $25 off comparable Steca controller
Delta T $25 off comparable Steca controller
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